Our Drain and Sewer Services

Clearing Blocked Drains

Whether you’re dealing with a plugged toilet, kitchen, bathroom  or laundry sink or perhaps a sewer blockage. Our fully licensed technicians are ready to help handle the problem.

We will be at your home as soon as possible to quickly diagnose the issue and recommend the appropriate action to quickly resolve the problem.

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Drain Repair & Replacement

Sometimes despite our best efforts to clear a backed-up sewer, it becomes evident that a repair is required
to rectify the problem.

Your service technician will use the latest locating equipment to pinpoint the damaged underground pipework
and provide an unbeatable quote to replace the damaged section of the sewer.

Our highly skilled excavation team will soon be at your home and will have your sewer running like new again as quickly as possible.

We provide a 25 year transferable warranty on all underground sewer repairs.

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Trench-less Sewer Replacement

From a simple repair to a complete sewer replacement McDowell Drain Services has you covered. Our state of the art trench-less sewer replacement system eliminates the requirement to tear up your front yard in order to replace your sewer.This not only saves your yard but also saves you money.

Had a quote from another company? Not sure if you are getting the full truth or the best price?

Give McDowell Drain Services a call. We will provide a free on site evaluation and honest trustworthy opinion.

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Back Water Valve Installation

Great news! Due to increasing flooding risks your insurance company may help with the cost associated to install a back water valve.

You can imagine the scene when your main sanitary sewer to the street has a problem and backs up. Raw sewage flows onto the floor destroying everything it touches. The cost for the clean-up can be huge. Don’t wait till its too late!

Give us a call and we will provide a free evaluation and an unbeatable quote to install a back water valve at your home. Right now we have a special pricing promotion. We are confident this offer will not be matched by any competitor.

Call now, this offer is for a short time only.

McDowell Drain Services are fully licensed to carry out the installation of your back water valve and we provide the paperwork and required permits in order for you to receive the rebate.

We provide a 25 year transferable warranty on all underground sewer repairs.

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Wet Basement Solutions

If you have water problems in your basement it may be time to install a sump pit and pump to help resolve the problem.

However there may be a simple solution available to you.

First take a walk around your home and make sure gutters are clean and the downspouts discharge the water at least 4 feet from the foundation wall. Next its a good idea to be sure the dirt around the home is sloped away from the foundation wall.

If the water continues to enter the basement space then a call to McDowell Drain Services is your best bet.

Here at McDowell Drain Services we are experts at diagnosing and finding appropriate solutions to wet basement problems.

For more than 35 years our innovative wet basement solutions have been copied but never matched.

McDowell Drain Services specialized technicians have the experience and know how to fix the problem and save you time and money.

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Camera Survey & Sewer Inspection

Sewer back-ups are a common occurrence in your area. Old sewers are constantly being invaded by tree roots. These roots can completely block the flow of waste to the city main. Once blocked the sewage has nowhere to go but back into your home.

The damage can be huge and the inconvenience alone is something not to be endured.

Here at McDowell Drain Services we use the very lastest in-line camera systems to check the entire  sewer from your home to the street.

Roots, broken pipes, joint shifting and pipe collapse can all been seen. Better still our skilled technicians can use
specialized highly sensitive electronic equipment to accurately  locate the position of the pipework and show you the home owner exactly what the cause of the back-up and possible future issues.

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Water Service Installation

McDowell Drain Services are your best choice when you need to upgrade your water service supply. The water to your home may be one of the most important utilities at your home.

Low water pressure or flow is most often caused by a gradual deterioration of the pipe that brings water from the city main directly to your meter.

In older homes throughout the area the pipework is made of lead and galvanized steel.

There have been many studies regarding lead content in our water supply especially it’s effects on children.

If you suspect you may have this type of supply or your water pressure is low, We suggest a quick call to speak with a qualified technician.

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Landlord Services

We are the chosen contractor to many landlords in the Niagara on the Lake area for all their drain, sewer, and other water and drainage issues.

They can rely on McDowell Drain Services to be responsive, professional, and simply get the job done.

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Bespoke Commercial & Residential Services

Need something we haven’t laid out here? Please jump over to our contact page or give us a call.  One of our experienced team members will be happy to help.

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