Examples of our work

14 foot deep excavation

After 30 years this PVC sewer was damaged by tree roots. 14ft deep and in very hard ground we chose excavate by hand in order to reduce damage to the driveway.

The problem was due to the builder forgot to glue the joint allowing roots to penetrate the sewer.

We are still working during COVID in a safe manner for all your sewage and drainage issues.

Covid excavation

Still working during COVID

This St Catharines customer called due to her basement toilet and shower would not drain. These roots were found to be completely blocking water flow.

As the homeowner was very nervous to have work done in her home during this pandemic, our team followed all COVID protection protocols and were able to complete the job without having personal contact with any of the residents of the home.

Working during sovid

Monster Root in Drain

A customer had major sewer back-up in the basement of their home.

It was clear after several attempts to remove this monster root from the pipe with a power snake the only option was to excavate and replace the damaged section of clay sanitary sewer.

Tree roots are one of the most common issues we address all the time.

Monstor drain root

Clogged up with grease

Grease is a major cause of drain and sewer backup into your home.

Unfortunately our customer inherited this problem when they moved into their home just two days prior.

You never know what you can find in a sewer

Our customer came home to his basement flooded with raw sewage.

A camera inspection of the main sanitary sewer found something clogging the sewer to the street.

Our team of excavators were on site the following morning and to our surprise found this stars wars toy plugging the drain from the home to the street.

Toilet would not flush

Due to improperly installed pipework roots were able to completely plug the drainage from the toilet.

After opening the floor we removed the existing sewer, replaced with new pipework and fittings then poured a new concrete floor.

Heavy rain causing flooding

During heavy rainfall the area would fill with water and leak through the patio doors.

The solution was to install an area drain.